Southern Exposure Trading Co - Deep Well Hand Pump

Are you ready for the next power outage? Is your well pump hooked up to your emergency generator? If you have been without water in a power outage you know how difficult simple things like flushing the toilet can be, never mind drinking water or washing up. Now you can be perpared for any extended power outage with a Simple Pump. This sucker rod type system can pump water from your drilled well as deep as 200 ft at 5gpm. It can even repressurize your pressure tank so you can have running water at the sinks and toilets.

This amazing system uses a stainless steel pump head attached to the stainless steel piston type pump cylinder located areound 40 feet below your water level in your well using 9 ft sections of special PVC pipe with a fiberglass sucker rod in the center of each pipe section. A weep hole 4 feet below the pump head keeps it from freezing in winter. Using a pressure gauge at the pump head, a garden hose, and a one-way valve attached to an outdoor hydrant or freeze proof spicket on the house, you can repressurize your well pump pressure tank to 50 psi for 'normal' water pressure in the house.

Super Pump Installation Pictures

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